Malaysia - Tourist

Number of Entries: Multiple*
Validity of Travel Visa: Maximum 12 Months
Duration of Stay Per Entry: 14 Days / 30 Days*
Nationality of Visa Applicant: Singapore PR and Long-Term Visit Pass Holders 

*Number of Entries, Validity of Travel Visa approved and Duration of Stay Per Entry is subject to the sole decision of the Authorities.

What you will need for your visa

Visa Application Form

Original Passport of Applicant

Proof of Legal Residency Status / Permit in Singapore

1 x Original Photograph

Collection of documents

Please deliver all travel visa application related documents to our office located at: 3 Shenton Way, #02-02 Shenton House, Singapore 068805

Price Guide

4 Working Days (India)



4 Working Days (China)



4 Working Days (Bangladesh, Colombia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Others)



4 Working Days (Sri Lanka)



Malaysia - Tourist

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